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The online market for fixed games

Posted by Admin on 2012-09-06

Fixed games- the whole truth

This article will aim to discover you all about the fixed tips that are advertised online and also all the information about the fixed games.

As a person who is trying to create something useful for both good tipsters and people looking to buy cheaply and bet a game, I decide to spend some money in order to prove whether online someone is really selling inside information for fixed games. At the beginning I was really surprised that they were more than 100 sites, all of them claimed that they have some connections and can deliver 1 game every day or every few days. I said: “No way”, it sounds ridiculous the idea that someone will have info about 25 odds and will sell it for 25 or 50 Euro. I am sure that they are many games that are manipulated but the ordinary people like us will never find out about them before the event. However in order to prove that everything is scam and no real information was sold online I decide to spend some money. Actually, I won’t tell any names of the tipsters I paid to for many reasons, but I can confidently say that all of them are selling same shit. So I bought 29 tips. Why 29? Because the highest odds that I received was 29 and I said if there’s at least 1 tip in 29 that is true there may be a market, but also there may be a luck. If there was at least 1 tip that will bring me some income I would have buy again from this tipster in order to check if this is pure luck or indeed he is selling info about fixed games. Anyway I did not go so far- from 29 tips exactly 0 were profitable ones.

Another interesting thing is that there were about 5 tips with odds between 2.2 and 3.5 and they also were non-profitable ones. And because there are more than 100 tipsters selling such predictions I can’t say 100% there is no such thing, everything is scam. But if there’s someone really selling such info, let him just contact me and give me his tip, I will post it from my account so you all can see it for free and then if the tip is true one, he will be able to make really good money. Otherwise, I just see no reason why you all should buy such tips.

And let’s just resume- I spent about 1k Euro to buy the tips and I would have need about 1K more to bet them all (I didn’t as my intention was not to make profit but to search for the truth).

Now I will give you few examples if I have used some of bultip’s tips what could have happened (very similar results would be if you used some other sites like ours that are also providing good monitoring stats of different tipsters).

So let’s see what will happen if we have 2000 Euros bankroll ( as we had for the paid fixed games). If we are buying tips from bookiekiller777 (currently the best tipster if we rank according bank value) then every week we may get 20 tips for about 50/60 euro and the average return of investment will be 11%. So if we invest 20 tips each 100 euro, we invest 2000 euro for the tips and the expected return according to his stats based on more than 100 tips, will be 2220 euro. When we subtract the 60 Euro that we have paid for the tips it means that ever week we can make 160 Euro profit instead of losing 2000 buying “fixed tips”.

Let’s take another tipster as an example to see what will happen. GiorgioA is currently second according to bank value. He posts around per week that cost totally about 40 Euro. If we bet all of them with 100 Euro we shall expect around 50% return of investment (that’s his ROI % so far). This means we will bet 1000 and pay 40 for the tips and on average we should win 1500 Euro, this means 460 profit. Of course he is much newer user and has fewer tips so the stats may not be so accurate but still it won’t be losing 2000 Euro chasing a dream.

I created this article to show how ridiculous is to buy tips from people who claimed to have inside information. If you have friends that are sports betting then better show them this article, as I am sure most of you at some stage have bet such predictions and then lose money. So share it and let see if someone will accept the challenge and provide real inside information.

But so far none has come to offer us information about a fixed games

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