Types of football predictions and bets

Each tipster has a different way of selecting the stake and the scheme under which to bet. Also, most tipsters have their preferences on what bets to make. Most often the forecasts that are available are the ultimate outcome of the match, but are not little those that are focused on other bets, or those who give any kind, considered as the best option.

Mathematical football predictions

Tipsters which are using this strategy using very simple method, but requires a lot of time to find the best match. This method compares the assessment of the tipster for bet of an event, with this of the bookmaker and if the coefficient is increased, it means that your event deserves to bet on it. The calculation formula is such that is multiplied the percentage of tipster’s assessment of what is likely to come up in a certain game and the odds that bookmakers offer. If the resulting number is larger than 1 this indicates that it is a good bet. The good part is that you should not watch statistics of previous games, form, tables, news, etc., just do a few calculations. According to the strategy, if you bet that way in the long term, over time you will surely be on profit. The downside is if you look for quick money, because with this strategy is pursued long-term gain.

Free football predictions

Here in most of the cases the tips are given from new tipsters to prove to the people that they are good or to attract new customers. A large percentage of them are not so good, and just try if they can sell their predictions. However there are some who are good, but have recently started and they need followers. Here the risk is quite big, so do not recommend the high stakes. Some tipsters throw on high odds, hoping to quickly raise popularity. Others choose more reliable way and give tips with 1.5-1.6 odds, to be more sure that they will be right, but they do not require special skills.

Analyzed Soccer Tips

Here the tipsters usually have tried to remove the most important information related to the final outcome of the match. The information could also include starting lineups, injured players, history of the clash, currently form and others. In most cases, these are pretty good predictions and even if you do not like the proposed bet, you have the most important information about the game in a few sentences. This will help you to choose alone exactly what bet to make. Usually substantiated forecasts are several for each match with different coefficients so people who are seeking for an information and advice for a meeting have bigger choice .

Correct Score Picks

Forecasts for the exact results are very difficult to predict, but there are tipsters who manage to find matches with good potential for profit. In these bets odds typically range from 6 to 10, in which case statistics 1 to 4 is good, that will bring you in a profit.

Predictions Type Half Time / Full Time

Here the forecasts for victory of the favorite in the match and draw on half time are the most common. The important thing is to play for championships or teams that are not particularly effective in the first half. This occurs quite often in Italy and France (from more famous championships). In these bets odd range from 3.5 to 6.5 as the best option is 4-5 matches to be played in s system.

Football Tips Under/Over

There are leagues and teams that do not rely heavily on defense, making them ideal for betting on goals. For example in the matches of the German championship, we can expect many more goals than in those in Italian. Of course the odds for matches of such championships, will be lower. For example, when teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona often scores a lot of goals, therefore the odds for over 5.5 goals varies around 4. Tipsters search for such meetings, in which is expected a lot of goals, in  which are playing a lot factors.

Other Free Soccer Betting Tips

There are many types of forecasts that are given, but are less common. Some people like to bet on the corners in the match, or cards, as for me, the second option is better. Another  option is the first scorer of the match, as in this is important the current form of the player you want to bet on. Forecasts for handicap are also quite common, as some prefer Asian because it offers slightly higher odds, and there are options to return part of the money gambled

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