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Bultip.com mission is to gather in one place all the best tipsters in the world and all the people looking for some easy extra income made from betting.

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Aston Villa - Manchester Unitedforecast: over 2.5Odds: 2.00bet365Thirteenth against third face in the Premier League. Manchester United are cruel form with a series of 7 wins and hold the golden trio. Villa do not perform very well this season and at many if inserted will be only 1 goal. Totally crushed Manchester United 3-0 Liv ...

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Millwall FC - Bolton Forecast: 2.5 goalsRatio: 2.20bet 365Today, in a match of the Championship England will play the duel between Millwall FC and Bolton in a match of the 22nd round of the championship. Currently, both teams played very poorly this season and do not expect to determine the winner. Hosted by Millwall FC  cu ...

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The tips of Power Bets 78 18-12

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Napoli-Parma Forecast: OVER  2.5 goals Odds: 1.60 BET 365Ajax - Vitesse Forecast: 1 Odds: 1.52 BET 365 Today in the Dutch Cup against one another will come out teams Ajax and Vitesse. The hosts are very strong form after stunning victory scrambled to the next stage of the Europa League. Vitesse is srednyashki team ...

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