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1. Asenlv €40
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1.  LydkoVIPs35.1325
2.  Arsenaltips28.6815
3.  Winwin1810
4.  Greenboys12.60
5.  Bigbet11.960
6.  YNWA110
7.  Spartak4.60
8.  Fabregas143.680
9.  S.s.Lz3.530
10.  Momo1.50

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1.  Greenboys13.85135
2.  Arsenaltips13.13100
3.  Momo1.560
4.  S.s.Lz0.640
5.  Stoyan8909025
6.  LecronchO015
7.  Icewolff010
8.  Cartman4o05
9.  Atomic05
10.  Stan4405

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1.  MomoPaid Tip
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Solid bet 14-06

Posted by real1992 on 2015-06-14

 Russia are in good form, winning the last 4 games. Austria are first in the group with 13 points from five matches. In none of the matches of Russia there were more than 2.5 goals.Forecast: X @ 3.25Girona are in much better shape than Zaragoza, having won four victories in the last five matches and have conceded only one g ...

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Solid bet 13-06

Posted by real1992 on 2015-06-13

 Poland play with Georgia this evening, Poles are the first in the group. Germany has an easy game and secure victory, which means that Poland needs a win because they are one point apart.Forecast: Poland to win by exactly 2 goals @ 3.75 BetfairScotland are currently in the rankings for the best third, as several teams have ...

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Фиш с твърди прогнози за 13-06

Posted by SashoTips on 2015-06-13

Уругвай и Ямайка са в добра форма, като очаквам голове и от двата отбора, но победа за Уругвай.Това е първия мач в групата за двата отбора и очаквам силно начало за домакините. ...

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